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Reusable or Globally Reusable Workflow


Both Reusable and Globally Reusable Workflows are created and managed in the same way as Site Workflows. Please note that Globally Reusable Workflows can only be created on the Root Site of the Site Collection.

When creating a Reusable or Globally Reusable workflow, you have to specify the Content Type with which the workflow is to be associated. This means that you can narrow down the types of objects that the workflow can be running on.


You can either set a single Content Type or let the workflow run on all Content Types available. Please note that the workflow definition can be associated either with the source Content Type or any Content Types that inherits from it.

Designing Reusable Workflows is generally the same as designing List Workflows, although not every lookup node available for List Workflow is available for Reusable Workflow.


When building workflow for a Content Type, in lookup nodes: Current item, Current list/library -> Item and Current list/library -> List columns you can only use the columns that are available for that Content Type and the ones that are present on every list (like Title).


If you choose to build a workflow for the “All” Content Type, in lookups to current list or current item you will only be able to use columns that are common for all Content Types.


After Reusable workflow is created it needs to be associated with the list. This procedure is described here (Associating Reusable Workflows). Having done this steps the Reusable workflow is the same as normal List workflow.