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Workflow Designer


Datapolis Workflow Designer is a tool for creating workflows, where you can set up the whole process, along with a number of various conditions, permissions, automated tasks and other elements. Then you can deploy it on your list, where it will be run.



While workflow definitions are rather simple, they reflect real processes, however complex they may seem from the outside.


Each process hast to start and end somewhere – these are the entry points and exit points, respectively. They are represented as a green (start) and red (end) circles on the diagram. Other workflow elements are: states, actions (transition from state to state), activities (operations which are to be performed by the system when making a transition between states) and permissions.



When entering Datapolis Workflow Designer for the first time, you see a plane, empty but a starting and ending points of the process.


On the left side of the screen is also a toolbar with a set of options used to build the process and manage its properties:


In the top-left corner of the screen is a role toolbar, where you can define new roles to be used in the process and manage existing ones.

Support and Feedback

On the top-right side of the screen is a drop-down menu with support options:

Note: Click the “Support web site” to go to the Datapolis support page, where you can request online training, find all known errors or ask Datapolis helpdesk a question. Use “Report a bug” option if you encounter a problem with Datapolis Process System. It will help us improve our product. “Help” opens the help window.



On the bottom-right side there is a slide which allows zoom-in and zoom-out entire diagram.

There is also checkbox to turn-on and turn-off Comment layer.