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Repairing/Removing Datapolis Process System

If by any reason - deleted files, version upgrade or malfunction - you want to repair DPS installation, run the Setup application, as described in the “Installation” chapter above.

  1. After all configuration checks are completed (paragraph 5 in the “Installation” chapter) you will enter the “Repair or Remove” screen:

  2. To repair the DPS installation choose “Repair” and click “Next”. DPS will be uninstalled and reinstalled. No configuration data will be lost.
  3. To remove DPS, choose “Remove” and click “Next”. DPS will be removed from your SharePoint environment. You can install it again later.

Note: DPS configuration files for each list will not be removed. To remove the files, you have to delete the XML file from every list catalog manually. You can do this with SharePoint Designer. The DPS database, which has been created during installation, will also be preserved. If you are sure, that you will not use DPS or other Datapolis products in future, remove this database.