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Workflow Auto Cleanup

By default, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 runs a daily “Workflow Auto Cleanup” job to permanently delete workflow instances and related task entries that still exist 60 days after a workflow is completed or canceled. Workflow history items themselves are not deleted, but the entry point to view them on the status page for a particular instance of a workflow will no longer be available.


To disable timer job cleaning workflow history information, follow the below steps:

  1. From Central Administration, navigate to "Monitoring" and then to "Review jobs definitions" in "Timer Jobs" section.
  2. On the displayed list, find job named "Workflow Auto Cleanup" and open its details.
  3. On the details of the "Workflow Auto Cleanup" job click button "Disable".
  4. After you are redirected to the list of job definitions, verify whether in the "Schedule Type" column, the "Workflow Auto Cleanup" job has status "Disabled".