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Launch Action


There is a number of ways to launch an action, each suits different needs.


Required Permissions

To launch workflow action on list the user needs to have following rights:

On List:

  1. View Items
  2. View Application Pages

On Site:

  1. View Pages
  2. Open

Launching action

Action can be launched in different ways. They come as follows:

  1. Manually - using context menu for specific list item or item view form
  2. Using state's self-timer.
  3. By another workflow, using Launch workflow Action activity
  4. Using WBInterface

Launching action manually

Datapolis Process System gives you the possibility to launch workflow actions from item’s context menu. It contains all workflow actions which user can launch in a given workflow state. If more than one workflow are running on the item, their actions will be in the context menu as well.



Actions can also be launched from the item view form. They are displayed in the toolbar in the same way as they are shown in the workflow action menu on the ribbon.



Launching action through self-timer

Action can be launched by self-timer if it was defined to do so in Workflow Designer. More information here.


Launch action activity

Action can be launched by another workflow using Launch workflow action activity.



Here you can set parameters of workflow which you want to start.



If you are developing a 3rd party application, you can launch workflow actions using WBInterface. This is more complex method of interacting with Datapolis Process System and it is described in detail in SDK Documentation.