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Workflow History


In any moment when workflow is running (and when it has ended) we can check its history. Here we will find various information about the process, how it worked, who launched which action, in which state the workflow waited most time, etc.



You can get to workflow history through the view of all workflow instances that are or were running on current item. Just select Workflows from item's context menu. You will need Edit Items permission to view this node.

Now click on link under workflow Name or Internal status.


Similarly you can check history of last instance of specific workflow by clicking link in Status column on list view. This approach doesn't require Edit Items permission, only View Items is necessary.


Workflow History Page

Aside from a brief view of all action and states which the workflow went through,  you can also see the details of any action: what activities were launched and with what parameters, check if there were errors or warnings, what values they returned. You can also view what values were provided in action launch forms.


This information allows you to monitor the process, determine bottlenecks and, when developing the workflow, helps you to detect errors.



Future versions of Datapolis Process System will be backward compatible, so a new installation won`t destroy all the work that`s been done.