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Advanced Usage

  1. If you want to create Solution Template on this site, it will be packed to ZIP package. In first step you can define name of this package. Here you can also define XML files. In these files you can define name of your applications and solution. You can also change their descriptions and some other parameters(More information about XML files you can find in SDK). If you have some applications, which you want to add manually, you can do it right here.

  2. Your Solution Template can be licensed. It mean that it will be encrypted and safe. It will enable you to sell your Solution Template to clients. Licensed Solution Templates appear on "License Management" Site in Central Administration and can work just with proper license.

  3. This step you can generate package ZIP with your Solution Template inside. There will be XML files declared above and site template. You can also export site template later, manually. To do this, please click “Advanced” option and check “Do not export site template in the package”.

  4. To use your Site Solution Template you have to upload and deploy it to farm. You can read information about it in next chapter.