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Feature activation


“Datapolis Column Protector 2013” feature is active after the setup „Datapolis Process System” product, and you can use it right away.


Note: If you reinstall “Datapolis Process System” using “Repair” option in the setup wizard, all the feature states will be maintained – activated features will remain active, deactivated
will stay inactive.


If feature was deactivated or the setup was unable to activate the feature, you need to activate “Datapolis Column Protector 2013” feature before you can use it.

If you don’t see link to “Datapolis Column Protector 2013” administration on SharePoint list settings menu, then probably you need to activate it for the site that hosts this list.


Note: To activate feature you need “Manage Web Site” permissions on the current site.


To activate the feature:

  1. Go to “Site settings” administration page. Choose “Site settings” from “Settings” menu
    on the top right side.

  2. On the “Site Settings” page click “Manage site features” link in the right column
    with “Site Actions” header.

  3. See if status of “Datapolis Column Protector 2013” is “Active”.

  4. If feature is not active, click “Activate” button to activate the “Datapolis Column
    Protector 2013” feature.