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Using administration page


Inputting users to textboxes is simple and identical as in standard SharePoint permission management. You can either type user name or login into the textbox or choose a user from
the directory.

1. To type user name and login:

a. Type full user name or login or type part of the name or login. Separate each user
by semicolon “;”
b. Click name check button below the textbox.


c. If name is correct and recognized by SharePoint it will change to an underlined text.


d. If user is not recognized by SharePoint it will be underlined with red line.


e. Click on the not recognized user. A popup menu will appear with suggested
best matches. You can choose from one of the matches, remove the entry
or look it up in the directory.


2. To choose a user from directory:

a. Click the address book icon below the textbox



b. A popup window will appear. Type part of the name or login of the user you want to add and click “Search” icon.



c. In the results window choose the user you want to add by double clicking it
or by clicking and pressing “Add” button. You can select multiple users and repeat search and selection multiple times. When you are finished click “OK” button.


3. You can assign permissions to all authenticated users. It is a very comfortable way to manage permissions if you want to allow everyone to view or view and edit a column, without worrying about synchronizing permissions with SharePoint list or site. To assign permissions to all authenticated users click “All authenticated users” icon.



4. You can copy list users to the “Set permissions for all columns” header by clicking “Copy users and groups from list” button. Users and groups that have permissions to this list
will be copied to the text box. You can then copy permissions to all columns or manually copy users to chosen columns.



5. If you want to setup the same permissions to all columns please use the “Set permissions
for all columns” header. Simply input users into the textbox in the header and click “Copy permissions to all columns” icon. Permissions from the textbox in the header will replace entries in textboxes for all columns.



Note: All entries in the column textboxes “Allow edit and display” or “Allow display”
will be deleted and replaced with values from the corresponding header textbox.

Note: Entries in header textboxes without clicking “Copy permissions to all columns” icon
do not override entries in the column textboxes. Header textboxes are used only to copy permissions into the textboxes in columns and do not affect directly permission settings.

6. When you are finished please click “OK” button

Note: When you click “OK” button, user name check for all textboxes will be performed.
Your changes will not be saved until all textboxes contain correct user names.