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„Datapolis Column Protector 2013” is configured for each list or document library separately.
It provides two types of permissions – “Allow display” and “Allow edit and display”:

  • “Allow display” permission allows specified users to view data on a View Item and Edit Item form fields and particular columns (including attachments) on the list view. Fields where user has only “Allow display” permission are read only on the Edit Item form and they are invisible on Add New Item form.
  • “Allow edit and display” permission allows specified users to view data on View Item form and defined list columns on list views, as well as to add and change data on Item Edit
    and Add New Item forms.
  • If user has neither of these two permissions, then he/she is not allowed to view the column on both item forms and list views.
  • If user has both “Allow display” and “Allow edit and display” permissions to the same column, then the user effectively has “Allow edit and display” permission to this column.

Permissions are effective for:

  • SharePoint item forms (View Item; Edit Item; Add New Item),
  • SharePoint list views,
  • SharePoint alerts (newly created as well as those existing before the product installation),
  • SharePoint list item attachments,
  • Data exported from SharePoint to Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office Access,
  • Microsoft Office Access with SharePoint communication and synchronization,
  • SharePoint lists Web Services.

This means that „Datapolis Column Protector 2013” fully secures and gives you a greater degree
of control over your list-stored data.