Datapolis Process System


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Activate License


If you have an internet connection, this page will help you to activate license . If you don't, please click here. To create a license, you will need license with Product Key (more information about getting Product Key you can find here).


Note:  DPS is licensed per server and/or per user of your SharePoint farm. You cannot transfer your license from one server farm to another once you have generated License Key based on the Product Key for a given farm.

  1. Go to “Central Administration” page for the server farm:
  2. Go to “Datapolis Process System Administration” section by clicking on “Datapolis Process System” link in left menu:

  3. On the “Datapolis Process System Administration” page click “License management for Datapolis products” link under “Datapolis Configuration” header:

If your server (the one where DPS is installed) has internet connectivity, you can activate your product automatically. If you don’t have internet connection on the server, you have to activate your product manually – go here .

  1. Click on the link “Activate license automatically”:

  2. Insert Product Key into "Product Key" field and click "Check license". Your License Id will be shown in appropriate field. Click "Activate" to bind this license to your farm. Remember that this operation is irreversible.