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Business Apps

Datapolis Business Apps are workflow-based software packages build on top of Datapolis Process System and SharePoint. Typical Business App extends SharePoint Web Site functionality with lists, fields, items, web parts, workflows and shares them with users or even other workflows in farm. It may be basic Email Approval or sofisticated Issue Tracking System.


Where to find Business Apps?

Business Apps are available to download on web site and on partner web sites. Please read Installation Guide before installing Business App.

Please note that some Business Apps you may need to buy, however there is number of free to use Business Apps that you may use.

How to install Business App?

Every Business App comes with similar installer. Installation and deployment process for every Business App is described here.

Business Apps can have custom configuration requirements, which are described in documentation of each one. E.g. Smart Approval needs that some custom settings will be provided on SharePoint lists, and this is described in Smart Approval documentation section here.