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To work properly this Business App requires after deployment below points to be configured.


Outgoing e-mails in Sharepoint

Properly configured outgoing e-mails in SharePoint (please refer to SharePoint documentation)



Incoming e-mails in SharePoint

Properly configured incoming e-mails in SharePoint (please refer to SharePoint documentation)



DeclarativeWorkflowAutoStartOnEmailEnabled settings set

To support Email Approval there is workflow configued on Smart Approval Mail Request list. This workflows starts when item (e-mail) is added to list. This item is added by System Account, so by default it will not start, becouse in SharePoint it is turned off autostart of workflows on items added by System Account.
To make it work you need to turn on this by running below script in SharePoint Management Shell on Central Administration server :

$spWebService = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService
$spWebService.DeclarativeWorkflowAutoStartOnEmailEnabled = $true


Smart Approval Mail Request list incoming e-mail set

Smart Approval Mail Requst list receives lists in Smart Approval process. You need to configure Incoming e-mails on this lists.


Open list settings and choose Incoming e-mails settings:



Then set settings like on screen below. E-mail address should be same as on configuration list.



Incoming e-mail should be configured on the Smart Approval Mail Request list with same setting as „E-mail address” parameter in the Configuration list to the incoming e-mail account used.




Configuration List items values updated

This list contains configuration parameters, like important strings or variables, used by the solution. Each parameter is a list item, its name is stored in the item’s Title field, while its default value – in the SLT field.


You may leave default values, however at least email address should be configured with same value as incoming e-mail set in Smart Approval Mail Request list.


The following parameters are used:

Parameter name (title field)

Default value (slt)




The value of the positive decision.



The value of the negative decision.

email address

Incoming e-mail address that is used by the Smart Approval Mail Request list. (See below.)


Your answer has been accepted

The message indicating that the decision has been successfully parsed by the system.


Your answer was not recognized. Please try again

The message indicating that the decision could not be parsed by the system.

date of answer

Date of an answer

Date when the desicion has been made.


Please Answer:

Part of the e-mail that is sent to Approver with the request information.