Datapolis Process System


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Download License File

If you don't have internet connection you need to download License File (a file with data about your license) to activate DPS (If you don't have license on Datapolis Process System yet, please click here). Go to SharePoint Central Administration  -> Datapolis Process System -> License Management and then follow the steps below:

  1. Click the “Get Farm Key” button.

    You will receive a file to download. Download it and save on your disk in convenient localization.
    Note: If you do not receive the file, check whether it was blocked by your browser.

  2. Generate license key

    1. Go to page. Expand “Datapolis Process System” product section and upload your product key in the “Licenses” section.
      Note: When uploading a product key, please add a meaningful description. This will help you locate your license later.

    2. When product key is in place, you can download your license key. Save it in a convenient place so you can locate it easily – you will have to upload it on your SharePoint Central Administration site.

Now please go here to see how to upload downloaded key to your Central Administration.