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Field Permissions



When workflow is in a given state, we can control which users should be able to either view or edit specific fields of the current item.

You can assign roles to state by dragging them from the roles toolbar and dropping them on state, or by clicking the “Field Permissions” button in state properties window.



Note: “Change form permissions” window works the same way as “Edit action permissions” window. There is one difference, though: you can edit to which item fields the permission should be granted.

By default, when assigning a role to state, all of the role’s members are granted permissions to both read and edit all item fields (excluding a workflow column named “[your workflow name] – state”, which can only be viewed).

To distribute permissions in a greater detail, click the pencil icon next to the role.

This will open “Edit field permissions” window.

Checking appropriate checkboxes will give either display or display and edit permissions to all users included in the role.

Note: Giving the “edit” permission implicates giving the “display” permission as well.