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Form fields interaction



This tutorial will show you how to create Action Launch Form with 3 drop down lists with dynamically changing content, using Refresh Parameters feature.

The end result looks like this:


SharePoint lists - data source

Create 3 custom lists which will contain data to populate drop downs, before going to Workflow Designer.

First one with countries and their codes. You may want to change the title column name.


The second list is Cities. It has city name and code of country which the city belongs to. Lookups are more elegant approach, although you can use strings as well.


And lastly the streets. This time we are pointing to Cities instead of Countries, and the city is referenced just by its name.


Creating Workflow

Next step is to create one more list with an element on which workflow will run.



Define simple workflow with 3 string variables for action form. Name them country, city, and street.


Editing form fields

Edit each variable using edit button. Set field type to Choice and check the box to use different labels than values.



Then add lookup as in picture below, choose Result: All to return whole item collection, and press [Enter] in separator textbox.



To make other form field refresh on content change, check it in Refresh Parameters section. In country field check city and in city field check street.



Finally deploy workflow and start it with element you created before.




Additionally you can Download workflow definition and load it up to your designer. Remember to create aforementioned lists before loading workflow definition, so that you don't have to rewrite lookups. The designer will match them if it can find appropriate lists on your site.