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Start Workflow


After the workflow is created and successfully deployed, it can be started by a user who has sufficient rights.


Required Permissions

To start workflow on list the user needs to have following rights:

On List:

  1. Edit Items
  2. View Items
  3. View Application Pages

On Site:

  1. View Pages
  2. Open

Starting Workflow

Workflow can be started in different ways. They come as follows:

  1. Manually - using context menu for specific list item
  2. Automatically with list item creation or update
  3. By another workflow, using Start Workflow activity
  4. Using WBInterface
  5. By the list's Add Item form

Note: First 2 points require that workflow has set this initialization methods in its properties. Starting manually and with item creation are checked by default.



Starting Workflow Manually

To start workflow manually just click on dots next to element title and then choose Workflows option from context menu.



Then you will see a list of available workflows where you can choose which one you want to start.


Starting Workflow Automatically

If "When new item is created" or "When item is changed" checkboxes are checked in Workflow Properties Form then Starting a Workflow doesn't require any additional activity.


Using Start Workflow Activity

 Workflow can be started by another workflow using Start Workflow activity.



Here you can set parameters of workflow which you want to start.



If you are developing a 3rd party application, you can start workflows using WBInterface. This is more complex method of interacting with Datapolis Process System and it is described in detail in SDK Documentation.


By the List's Add Item Form

You can use the Workflow Initiation Form as an Add Item form on the list to which you deploy your workflow. This way you can present the user with a custom form even before the workflow starts. More information on the feature can be found in the Custom Add Item List Form chapter.




The workflow will start and after a short while it will enter the first state. Here it will wait until an authorized user launches an action which will lead it to the next state.