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Technology details

Business Apps are based on two main technologies:


  • SharePoint PnP

    This is technology that allows to create web site parts like lists, items, workflows etc. It is mentioned becouse administrator should know that it comes with every Business App installer and is automatically updated if previous version installed.

  • Datapolis Solutions

    This is internal Datapolis technology that allows to keep objects (like workflows, Datapolis Applications and other) inside containers which are Datapolis Solution and easly manage them, license (if needed), and share its functionality across farm.

    Important part of Datapolis Solutions are Datapolis Applications, which are basically asynchronous functionalities which may be workflows (read Shared Workflows) and can be used in workflows. Most popular example is subworkflow.

    Business App is a Datapolis Solution Template that is installed in your system by installer and may be used to create its instance (Datapolis Solution). This may be done easly by Administrator in SharePoint Central Administration.