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Using this Business App

After installing and configuring this Buisinss App, a new feature (new Datapolis Application) will be available in Workflow Designer. Below you will find step by step tutorial how to use this feature in your workflows.


Where to use it?

To use this Business App you need to have Datapolis Process System workflow with at least one state in it. You can create new one or use existing one.


If it is your first time with Business App and Datapolis Applications it is recommended to use a workflow on same Site Collection as the one where you deployed you Business App and be logged as same user - its becouse of permissions reasons, which configuration will be described later.


Add Application to Workflow

When you are editing workflow you may click the “Manage the workflow applications” in the Designer toolbox. A list of available Datapolis Solutions will appear. Select your solution (the name you provided while deploying). In the solution only a single application will be available: “Simple Approval”. Check it and click OK at the bottom of window.





Application icon will appear on the top-right corner of designer. Now the application is ready to use in the workflow. You can drag&drop it on selected state.



After you drag&drop it on a state, there will be shown new icon on the bottom-right corner of state informing that in this state there is an Application used.



New open edit window of state and choose Applications.



In the Applications window edit added Application.



In Application edit form provide In and Out parameters:



Details about Application parameters:





Subject of the e-mail with the request to approve


The body of the e-mail


Approver’s e-mail


Requester’s e-mail





The resulting decision. There are two possible outcomes: negative and positive. The specific values can be configured in the Configuration list.

Date of answer

The date of the decision.


Then deploy your workflow.



How it works?

Below you can find step by step scenario how your workflow and Smart Approval will work after above configuration.


1. When workflows enters state where you configured E-mail Approval Applications it starts this application.

2. A new item is added and workflow is started on one of lists on Web Site where you deployed Business App

3. This workflow sends e-mail

4. User gets e-mail and response to it - in one of ways configured on Configuration list of Business App

Please note that user response should start with only sentences configurer in Configuration lists (e.g. Yes o No)

5. Smart Approval Mail Request list gets e-mail and workflow on this list:

5.1. Parse and verify e-mail response of user

5.2. If ok launch action on workflow from point 2.

6. That workflow finished, so Application finishes.

7. Our workflow gets that information with reponse e-mail details and launches first avaiable action.


What to do next?

You may now extend your workflow with activities and conditions that are launched after Application finishes, so you workfow will make appropriate decision after user response on e-mail.