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Advanced Workflow Editing


This functionality allows you to provide any value in normally constricted fields (e.g. in activity parameters). You can, for instance, manually enter SharePoint list's URL in "Edit items" activity's "List" field.


The functionality is turned on and off on Datapolis Process System Settings page for a given list and can be toggled only by Farm Administrators.


Note: The functionality is intended for advanced users who have experience with administrating and developing SharePoint-based solutions.


We advise care when using this functionality.


Note: When modifying Farm Administrator account, on some environments (especially on multi-server farms) the change might take a while to propagate. This means that the Advanced Workflow Editing checkbox might be still visible for the user who no longer is Farm Administrator, or not visible for user who has just been granted the role. You can try performing iisreset on your farm’s Web Front End servers, which might help the situation.