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Application Start Conditions


Application start conditions allows you to define a set of conditions which must be met before an application can be started. The application will not be started if the condition is not satisfied. This allows you to control which applications start when a workflow reaches a state.


To define application start conditions, open state properties window and click the “Applications” button.




In the applications window click “Edit application” button for the application that you choose to have a condition.



In the “Edit Application” window click “Define conditions” button.




In the “Application Conditions” window you can add conditions and set what is the relation between them.
To add a condition click “Add” button. To remove a condition click “X” button on the right.




Lookup fields and the dropdown in the middle allow you to define conditions for the application.


The dropdown on the left (with “And” and “Or” options) defines a relation between conditions. When you choose “And” then all the conditions must be met, if you choose “Or” then only one must be met to start the application.


To save the conditions, click “OK” button and accept all the changes.


In workflow history you can check which applications were started and which did not meet the start condition.