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Form Fields

In this chapter you will find information how to add/remove/edit fields on forms.


Add/Remove Fields - Quick Form


On the fields section of your Quick form you can:

  1. Add a field
  2. Edit added field
  3. Remove field
  4. Change field order (select a field and click up/down arrow)


Add/Remove Fields - HTML Form


On the fields section of your Quick form you do similar things as on Quick Form as it have the same Field editor but, but also you may:


  1. Add your field to HTML area
  2. Add a lookup to HTML area
  3. Reset HTML area to default

Note: All of your field in Fields section should be added to HTML Form. You will not be able to save form in case this will not be fulfilled.



Form Field Sources


When you add a new form field you can choose a source for it. All of form fields are connected (show or saves its data) to one of below options:

  • Workflow Variable - a variable created in current workflow
  • Current SharePoint List Item Field - a field of a current item
  • SharePoint List - selected list that will be shown/edited as a filtered table

Note: You can use allow of above on each form, because form can be reusable/shared, however Current SharePoint List Item Field and SharePoint List will only work on Initial/Workflow/State forms and will not work on Action Launch Forms.


Editing Fields (Workflow Variable/SharePoint List Item)


Each Form Field can be edited (configured). If you click on edit field icon you will see window similar to below (this relates to Workflow Variables fields and Current SharePoint List Item Fields).