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Form Implementation Types

There are five ways you can configure your form:

  • Quick Form - the simplest and quickest way to create a form - just drag&drop fields and form is ready,
  • HTML Form - advanced form creating way, where you can configure form layout by using HTML,
  • InfoPath Form - deprecated, only for backward compatibility,
  • Custom Form - allows to use an external form created using SDK,
  • No Launch Form - available only for Action Launch Forms, allow to omit form when launching actions.


 You can find this option on the top of Design Window of Form:


Quick Form vs HTML Form


The main difference between Quick Form and HTML Form is possibility to edit HTML of the page. On HTML Form you:

  • Can edit HTML of the form
  • Should put every added field to HTML (middle icon on the right)
  • Can copy HTML content, edit in your favourite HTML editor and paste back
  • Use lookups (upper icon on the right), which will be kept and work after doing above copy/paste
  • Reset to default (bottom icon on the right)