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Forms Deployment

Initial Form, Workflow Form and State Forms require to be deployed before they will be available to use. This does not apply to Action Launch Forms, which are automatically deployed.




Adding or configuring an Initial, Workflow or State Form is not enough to make them work as a SharePoint Item forms. Firstly we need to create a new SharePoint List Item form on list, where workflow is deployed. This form will work as a host for forms from workflow and dynamically render them basing on current workflow instance settings. This is described in below point Creating List Item Forms. Then we need to tell SharePoint to show that forms instead of standard item forms. This is described in next point - Configuring Default Forms.



Creating List Item Forms


After designing Initial, Workflow or State form you need to configure workflow to create a list item form to host it. To do that on each form you can find a section Form deploy settings. It is available on Form Design window (by default as collapsed section) and inside Forms Management window (as a section tab).



Here you should check Create lists's item forms and configure names for Edit Form and Display Form (you can leave suggested defaults). This, after workflow deployment, will add a new forms to SharePoint list to host your workflows forms.


For Initial Form you should create just one form:



Note: If you have multiple forms (like Workflow Form and number of State Forms) you can (in typical workflow even should) everywhere leave the same Edit Form and Display Form names to use the same SharePoint forms to host your different workflow forms. There is no need to have on SharePoint list more than one Edit Form and more than one Display Form.


Configuring Default Forms


After deployment when you have your new SharePoint item forms to host your workflow forms you can configure them to be a default list form. This is not required, however it usually does not make sense to not do this.


To set your new forms as default SharePoint forms close your workflow and on Datapolis Process System setting page change default forms:



To your newly created forms:



And click Save changes. After this when you click on New item or Edit/Display Item buttons you will be redirected to above configured forms, which will render you workflow forms.