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Forms Management

In this chapter you can find information how to manage all workflow forms in one place. For this there is Forms Management window available from ribbon by clicking Manage Forms button:



This window contains full list of all forms in workflow and allows to configure them:




Forms List

On the left hand side you can see list of all workflow with possibility to filter them by type or status of form:



Available types/statuses:

  • All forms - shows all defined workflow forms.
  • Unassigned - shows forms that are not assigned (attached) to any action/state or to workflow. See section Assigning Forms for more details.
  • Workflow forms - shows workflow or state forms.
  • Action forms - shows action forms.

Selected Form Details

On the right hand side you can see Selected Form details section. You can configure there details of form like Form name, which is only internal design name and also you can configure below sections:


  • Form Design - a design of form, see section Form Design.
  • Form assignments - assignments (attaching) forms to selected actions/states or to workflow. See section Form Assignments for more details.
  • Form deploy settings - some forms (initial/state/workflow) require deployment - see section Form Deployment for details.
  • Field Permissions - on each form you can show/hide some field for edit/display basing on permissions (roles) - see sections Field Permissions for more details.