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To permit users in a role to launch action, simply drag this role from the role container (top left corner of the designer workspace) and drop it on the action.

Note: By default, each new action has the “All Users” role assigned.

A different way to assign a role to the action is to open “Edit action permissions” window by clicking the “Permissions” button in “Edit action properties” window.

Here you can permit or deny users in roles executing the action. Simply check or uncheck the checkboxes next to roles.

Note: When you check the checkbox next to a role, the role is not moved automatically to the “Permitted” section. It will be displayed in the “Permitted” section only when you confirm your changes and reopen “Edit action permissions” window.

Note: Users who are not included in roles assigned to action will not be able to launch the action.


You can easily check which role has permissions to which actions and states. Just hold your mouse cursor over a role and the workflow diagram will change: states and actions to which the role was not assigned will be grayed-out, others will be highlighted.

You can also check which roles has been assigned to a given action or state: simply hold your mouse cursor over an action or a state and roles which has not been assigned to the object will be grayed-out.