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Activity XMLs



Activities need to be defined to be shown in Workflow Designer and properly deployed. It is done by xml files which are described below. 

File name and location

To define an activity you need the *.Activities.xml file. The name of the file is not important, but the suffix must match, as Datapolis Process System scans directory for all files with this suffix and merges them for designer's use.

You need to prepare that file and put it in 15\WorkBox\Activities folder. Do not remove any file there, unless you are sure it won't harm the designer.

*.Activities.xml content

This file describes details of activities that you have developed.


Please note that below elements of  xml must match those in code:

  • Activity Name - name from code with namespace
  • NamespaceName - namespace of activity and full name of assembly (please remember to sign the assembly and provide here its PublicKeyToken)
  • For every parameter:
    • Parameter Name - name from code
    • Parameter Type - type from code

Below you can see example of activity definition file with 3 parameters, one of them being enum. You can find more about xml schema here.

  <Activity Name="WBCreateListActivity"
    NamespaceName="clr-namespace:Datapolis.WorkBox.Sdk.Samples.Activities;Assembly=Datapolis.WorkBox.Sdk.Samples, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0a68baededa28155"
    Title="Create List"
    Description="Add a new list or library to the selected web">
      <Parameter Name="ParentWebUrl" Required="True" Type="String" DataType="OneLookup"
        AllowChildrenTypes="Current SharePoint SiteCollection Site WebCollection Web" SelectableTypes="Web"
        Title="Parent Web"
        Description="Select a parent web"/>
      <Parameter Name="ListTitle" Type="String" Required="True"
        Description="Type a new name as you want it to appear in headings and links throughout the site"/>
      <Parameter Name="IsQuickLuanch" Value="True" Type="Bool"
        Description="Specify whether a link to this document library appears in the Quick Launch.">
          <ValueOption Title="Yes" Value="True" />
          <ValueOption Title="No" Value="False" />