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Getting Started



In this section you will find information about areas in which you can extend you Datapolis Process System based solution. In second table you will find list of additional sections from this documentation with its descriptions.

Area Name


Functions You can create custom functions that will be available with that OOB.
You can create custom activities that will be available with that OOB.
Custom Controls
There can be developed additional controls which will be available to use in Action Launch Form or Workflow Initiation Form and used while designing workflow as those built in.
Interface which provides methods to manage Datapolis Process System workflows. It is accessible through web service and by object model.
Custom Forms
Instead of standard Action Launch Form and Workflow Initiation Form there can be developed custom form with using WBInterface.
Service and Object Model that allows to manage workflow definitions (i.e. match and deploy them).
Solutions and Applications
There can be created custom Datapolis Solutions and Datapolis Applications which can be easily redistributed.
Datapolis Column Protector Service
Service that provides information about Column Protector settings.
Designer Color Schemas
There is possibility to create custom (i.e. company) color schemas for Workflow Designer.



Section Name


Trace Logging
When using Object Model there is a possibility to easily trace logs by using Datapolis Process System build in logger.
Class Reference Topic which describes available for developers classes in Datapolis Process System
Download Section containing links to additional content like Visual Studio example solutions.