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Datapolis Column Protector Service


Datapolis Column Protector Service is a Web Service which allows you to get information about Datapolis Column Protector field settings.



To use Datapolis Column Protector Service you need to have the following reference in your project:
  • http://<Site>/_layouts/15/Datapolis.WorkBox.SharePointColumnProtector/SCPService.asmx - Service reference to SCPService.asmx

Datapolis Column Protector Service is designed to provide information about Datapolis Column Protector fields settings, such as:

  • content type hidden fields
  • content type read only fields
  • list item hidden fields
  • list item read only fields

for currently logged user on current SharePoint site.


What determines visibility and access to the fields

On lists views:

  • Only Datapolis Column Protector settings

On list forms:

  • Datapolis Process System settings when at least one workflow is associated with list
  • Datapolis Column Protector settings when there is no workflows on list

In WBInterface:

  • Only Datapolis Process System settings

In Datapolis Column Protector Service:

  • Only Datapolis Column Protector settings