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Object Model



If you are developing web application which will be running on the same server as DPS, then consider using Object Model.



​To use WBInterface Object Model you need to add the following references to your project:
  • Datapolis.WorkBox.Common - useful methods (i.e. logger)
  • Datapolis.WorkBox.Utilities -interface you need for workflow managing

The first assembly can be found in GAC after DPS is installed.

The second can be downloaded here. Remember that every file in SDK can also be found in Download section.


Creating Interface Manager

You need to initialize interface manager before you can use methods provided by Object Model. The methods can be invoked simply by calling interfaceManager.MethodName.

using (SPSite site = new SPSite(webUrl))
    using (SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb())
        Datapolis.WorkBox.Common.WBInterface.WBInterfaceManager interfaceManager = new Datapolis.WorkBox.Common.WBInterface.WBInterfaceManager(web);
        Datapolis.WorkBox.Utilities.WBInterface.WBSiteInfo wbSiteInfo = interfaceManager.GetWBSiteInfo();



Here you will find method list with some examples. The examples are common for both Web Service and Object Model since they are invoked in very similar way.