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First Steps


Below you can find first steps that will guide you from downloading Datapolis Process System Installer to creating your first workflow.


Download and Install Datapolis Process System

Actual version is available here:

Please download it, decompress and run InstallationPackage.msi. Follow the steps of installer. The full guidance can be found here. You may also need to read Installation requirements .


Generate Trial License

If you already have license you can skip this step. If you would like to buy license please contact


Datapolis Process System requires license to work. Everyone is allowed to generate Trial License which is valid for 30 days. You can simply register on Partner Portal (, more info here) and then Generate Trial License (, more info here)

You need to note your Product key available in section My Products ( - it will be needed for license activation.

Activate License

Now, when you have your license, you can activate it in your system. Please go to your Central Administration -> Datapolis Process System -> License Management.

Then in section Product key please provide noted key form previous point (available here:, in your license section)

Then you need to attach license to Datapolis Process System:

More information about License Activation can be found here.


Create Workflow

To create workflow open list on web site and in ribbon choose Datapolis Process System Settings. If you do not see this button please verify that you have activated Datapolis Process System Feature (more info here).

Then click Create workflow.

And choose name.

For more information about creating workflows please go here.


Design and Deploy Workflow

Here you can design you first workflow. Let's add some state and actions.


To add a new state please click on state icon in toolbox:

And then drop state somewhere.

Then choose action button.

And add two new actions just click on first (green) state and your newly added state for first actions. Then do similar for second between new state  and last (red) state.

Click "Save and deploy" your Workflow.

More about designing workflows is described here.


Use Your Workflow

Your Workflow will start automatically, when you will add new item on list.

When it is started (it may take up to several minutes depending on farm load) you can go back to your SharePoint list and start action on your new element simply clicking on item drop down (e.g. New action).

Then confirm your action on Action Launch Form. 

Using workflows is described here.


Check Workflow History

You can see what happened in your workflow in Workflow History. Just simple click workflow link in your standard list view.

More about Workflow History can be found here.