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Migration to dabatase


This page releates to environments where Datapolis Process System (formerly Workbox) was upgraded from version 2.2 or earlier to 2.3 or higher.

Since Workbox 2.3 we install dedicated database where workflow history and other data is stored. Before (till 2.2 version) workflow history data was stored on SharePoint lists. The Migrator Tool will allow you to migrate Datapolis Process System (formerly Workbox) workflows history data from SharePoint lists into database. This provides faster displaying of workflows history and report generation.

Migration is optional. The Migrator Tool is available for Workbox 2.3 and higher versions for SharePoint 2010 and for Datapolis Process System 2013. 

Migration Tool is not available for Datapolis Process System 2016. 

To use Datapolis Workbox 2013 Migrator, please go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Datapolis\Workbox Setup\ or C:\Program Files\Datapolis\Datapolis Process System\ and find "Migrator".

  1. After Welcome step, Migration counter will find all of items , for which migration is advisable. It is just approximate number of items.
  2. In the third step you will can look at Migration Process on progress bar. Click "Start" and then you can see the migration of your database, so it can take some time. It depends on how mane webs and lists you have on your SharePoint. Please be patient. If it is necessary, you can pause your migration.
  3. In the Summary step you can see how many items was migrated from SharePoint lists into database and time of their migration.
  4. On the last step, there is an option to use Cleaning Job Timer to clean old data from your SharePoint.