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Workflow variables are used to store information within the workflow.

Variables can be created in the “Workflow variables” window, which can be accessed from the toolbar:


Thanks to variables it is possible to ask user to provide some data (in our example it might be a reason for rejecting an application) in order to use it somewhere else in the workflow. Some activities return the result of their work, for instance the activity “Add item” returns the ID of the element it created.


When adding (or editing) a variable we can define its type (integer, real number, string, date and time, true/false).


We can also name it the way we chose and provide a small description.

If we want to request user to provide a value for this variable, we need to assign the variable to action. Go to action’s properties window and click the “Launch form” button.

In the following step you can assign variables to action, thus creating Action Launch Form.