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Action Launch Forms [HIDDEN]

Action Launch Form (ALF) is a page that is shown after user clicks an action link on either item’s context menu or item’s view form. More about actions can be found here. With this form, you can request or require user to provide information you can then use within the workflow.


Data grabbed by the form will be stored in workflow variables (see Variables).

There are four types of Launch forms available :

  • Quick Form - default action form, which allows you to simply create powerful action form
  • HTML Form - you can create your own custom form by using HTML
  • InfoPath Form - possibility to use InfoPath on action form and integrate its fields with workflow variables
  • Custom Form - form that you can develop yourself, more in Datapolis Process System SDK.
  • No launch form - there will be no launch form shown.


Also, there is the possibility to set the page to which user should be redirected after the action has been successfully launched.