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Workflow Types


There are four workflow types in Datapolis Process System, each of them having different characteristics.

  1. List Workflow - most basic workflow, defined for specific SharePoint List or Document Library.
  2. Site Workflow - workflow created on SharePoint Site instead of List.
  3. Reusable or Globally Reusable Workflow - defined for specific Content Types, allowing to attach a single workflow definition to multiple lists. (First one is for lists on current Site and the second one is for lists on current Site Collection).
  4. Naming and adding workflow to solution - before moving to designer, the workflow must be given unique name and decided which solution it will be part of.

Permission Consideration

Different types of workflows requires different SharePoint permissions. The user needs to be given the following rights in order to successfully deploy workflows.

  • List Workflow - Manage Lists, View Application Pages, Remote Interfaces
  • Site and Reusable Workflow - additionally to above: Manage Web Site and Manage Permissions
  • Globally Reusable Workflow - user must have aforementioned rights on root website of current Site Collection

Manage Web Site and Manage Permissions rights are also required if you want to use lookups to the site parameters in Workflow Designer, regardless of current workflow type.

Note: This permissions allows user to deploy workflow but he won't be able to start workflow on list item. To do this he also needs Edit Item permission.