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Configure Form Fields


In this section you can find information about configuring Form Fields on Action Launch Form. When you have chosen Variable to be shown on Action Launch form you can define how it should be shown. Each field has a certain type, associated with the kind of data it can gather. This is a simple way to require user to provide specific data. Also, the field will be rendered in such a way to help user in providing valid and well-formatted information. For instance, for the “Date time” field a date picker control will be generated.


Note that workflow variables have their own types, so you can use only field types compatible with corresponding variable. For more information on this matter, please see Help: Functionalities -> Action launch form -> Field properties.


A sample field can look like this:

Please note the label and description on the left, which are two of the field’s properties. Each field has a set of properties defining its appearance and data it accepts. These properties can be set in a “Form field properties” window, which can be accessed by double-clicking assigned variable or a pencil icon. The properties window may look like this:

The order in which the fields appear on the form can be explicitly defined. As was said earlier, the fields are generated according to variables assigned to the action. The variables are shown on the “Variables selected as form fields” list in the “Assign variables to action” window. Order in which these variables appear on the list defines the order of the fields on the form. To change the order, simply move the variable to a desired place, which can be done by clicking the arrow icons on the gray bar to the left of each of the assigned variables.