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Manage substitutions


Datapolis substitutions allow set which users can launch workflow actions in the name of other users. Substitutions are configured in “Manage substitutions” page in Central Administration.



To add a new substitution click “new substitution”. A new substitution form will appear, in which all the fields must be filled.



Provide following information:

• name or e-mail address of the substituted user
• name or e-mail address of the user who is substituting (or “Everyone”)
• scope in which the substitution is valid Substitution can have many scopes (at the same time), e.g. farm, web application pool, site collection, site or a list.

• start date of the substitution
• end date of the substitution

When the data is provided, click “OK” button at the bottom of the page to submit the substitution.
After the button is clicked, the user will be redirected to the list of substitutions.



To remove a substitution click “X” button on the right.
By clicking a button in the “Details” column you can view detailed information of the substitution.



You can change a view of the substitutions list to all, active, planned, finished and removed.