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Decision allows automatically choosing action, which should be launched when condition is met.



User1 uploads a file into documents library. The file should enter a proper state (for example “State2”) depending on which department User1 works in.
Using decision from screenshot below, with properly defined condition, it is now possible to launch “Action1” and enter “State2”.

Adding decision

You can add decision by clicking its icon on the toolbar:

Just drag and drop it somewhere in work area and add incoming and at least one outgoing action.

To edit decision you need to double click on it or click on pencil icon, appearing when hovering over decision.

Here you can do the following:

  • Change name and description of decision
  • Edit settings for specific actions (“Decision path” form, screenshot below)

With above form, you can:

  1. Set the order of actions

  2. Open window to change action execution conditions

  3. Open window to change permissions

How it works

When incoming action is launched condition checking starts for every outgoing action in order provided in "Decision path” form.

If condition for current action is met then decision checks if user that launched incoming action has permissions to launch current action.


If more than one condition is met, only the first action will be launched. If none of the conditions is met, then the last action defined in “Decision path” form will be launched.