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If for whatever reasons you want to uninstall Datapolis Process System, please follow the steps below.



1. Run Datapolis Extractor which can be found in your installation package.



2. In operation selection screen click Repair button.



3. Click Repair to confirm your selection.



4. After you click finish, the Datapolis Process System installer will run.



5. Then you will see System Check screen. Click Next.



6. Accept EULA



7. In installation type select Uninstall and click Next.



Installer will guide you through the rest of the process.



You may also want to remove installation files. In order to do so, once again run Datapolis Extractor, only this time select Remove.




The Datapolis Installer does not remove database which stores following information

  • Association data
  • Workflow status and available actions
  • Applications
  • Solutions

If you are sure that you won't need this data anymore, you can delete the database manually e.g. using SQL Server Management Studio.

The database is named DP_DB_Guid.


Associated Workflows

Datapolis Process System uses integrated SharePoint mechanisms to store associated workflows, thus they are not removed by default.

If you want to remove them, you can do it the same way as standard SharePoint workflow, e.g. by using SharePoint Designer



If uninstalling ended with error or warning, check installation log, it may provide usefull information.



If message is similar to the one above. Check if dlls were removed properly from GAC.

Go to C:/Windows/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL and remove all assemblies related to Datapolis