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Export and Import Workflows


Datapolis Process System provides very powerful mechanism that allows you to Export and Import workflows. You are able to export workflow from one site and import it on another, even on the other farm and where names of objects that your lookups points to are different. This is supported by matching mechanics described below.


Export and Import rules of work

Exporting saves to workflow definition file additional data about lookups so that the matching mechanism can help you match lookups. If possible it will match the data automatically. It means that you are able to move workflows from one site to another even in different farm and if you have used some lookups in you workflows you will be able to set to what they directs now.

Example of Lookup Matching

When you have used in your workflow lookup to SomeList on you web site, i.e. to its properties and you export that workflow, then import it on other web site where you have also SomeList it typically should not work, because those lists are different - they have different ids. But Datapolis Process System supports that and while importing will try to find list with same title and will automatically suggest changing of lookups. In scenario where you won't even have list with same name, but you would like to change your lookups to the other lists it is also supported - you can choose new lookup manually.


Exporting and Importing Datapolis Workflows

You are able to export and import workflows through Workflow Properties form. There are buttons to manage that.