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User membership data resolving


When user permission to action launching are checked it may be necessary to check users Active Directory security groups membership. With following script you can decide how it is being proceeded, according to your environment capability:

- Default - only direct (flat) membership will be checked – faster method
- Full membership tree will be cheeked (users in groups which are in other groups etc.) – slower method


PowerShell script sample:




Settings of methods which develop data of user's membership:


There is public class:


It contains a method:

public static string SetUserMembershipDataResolvingMethod(Datapolis.WorkBox.Configuration.WBUserMembershipDataResolvingMethod options)


You can use it to set options of membership development:

Default -Default: FlatSecurityResolving

DeepSecurityGroupResolving -finding user's groups is recursive (it use containing groups in other groups)

FlatSecurityGropuResolving -finding users is just in groups that user is directly added.

Example in PowerShell:


$dpcommonassembly = [Reflection.Assembly]::Load("Datapolis.WorkBox.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2c03c3097ac016b8")
$value = [Datapolis.WorkBox.Common.Configuration.WBUserMembershipDataResolvingMethod]::DeepSecurityGroupResolving