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You can define a set of conditions which must be met in order before the actions could be executed.


To define execution conditions, open action properties window and click the “Conditions” button.

A new window will open, where you can define conditions for the action. Clicking the “Add” button will add a new condition. Now you have to define both sides of the condition and select operator.


Note: While the left side of the condition cannot be empty, the right one – can.

You can, for example, check if the current date is smaller than the expiry date or if the current user is the author of the item.


If you define more than one condition you will be able to choose if all or only one of the conditions must be met. Simply choose “AND” or “OR” logical operator from the dropdown list on left side of the first condition.

If these conditions are met, action will be displayed to the user. If not, action will be hidden.

To remove conditions click the “X” button next to chosen condition.


Note: Conditions are complementary to permissions. User must have permissions to the item AND the execution conditions must be met to allow user to execute the action.