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Performing Bulk Action Launch


To perform bulk action launch, do the following

  • View the list that contains items with started workflow.
  • Choose items by selecting them using standard item selection checkbox.
  • Choose from the “Workflow actions” button menu on the “Elements” ribbon a common action to launch for all selected items.
  • If action has an assigned form, then one form is being displayed for all chosen items. Fill the form and confirm action launch.
  • System changes state for all selected items to “Changing state”. It means that these items are in the process of having their actions launched.
  • Actions launch for all selected items.


Note: Action menu displays only those actions that are common for all selected items and that have attribute “Allow bulk action launch” set to true or have the action form turned off.


Note: After picking action to launch, Datapolis Process System will take into account form settings for the first of the selected items.


Note: If you are using custom action forms then bulk action launch passes “WorkflowIDs” and “ItemIDs” parameters instead of “WorkflowID” and “ItemID”.


Passing parameters

If the action requires you to provide some parameter through its form, then standard form will show up and the values you set will be passed the same to all workflow instances.