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Site Templates



Datapolis Process System supports built in SharePoint functionality that allows to save sites as templates (wsp) and create new sites from it. It means that you can have your Datapolis Workflows and Datapolis Workflows shared as Applications working on newly created site from template, but you need to Activate Datapolis Process System Feature after creating new site (deactivate before if was activated) . Below is described details of creating sites from site templates.


Important - Datapolis Process System does not support other functionality - restoring site collections by PowerShell (Restore-SPSite method) and any other ways of moving sites and site collection where Ids of web sites and workflows (Base Id) may be the same as any other in the farm.


Note: This functionality is very simple way of creating new sites. We strongly advice to read section about Site Solution Templates which allows you to create advances Datapolis Site Solution Template. This section is available here.

Save site as template - built in SharePoint functionality

SharePoint allows users to create templates from web sites and create new web sites using them. You can do it by Site Settings -> Save site as Template, then upload created wsp package to solutions gallery (Site Settings -> Solutions), activate it (i.e. by ribbon button Activate) and then simply create new site from it (Site contents -> new subsite).

More information can be found here:


How to automatically deploy workflows after creating new site from template

When you create new site from template where you had workflows they will be in new site, but they will not work properly. All of previously started instances will also not work properly. You need to deploy workflows again, because they need to be matched before. It is needed due to changes in ids of objects in your site. ​For doing that need to activate Datapolis Process Feature. If it was activated you need to firstly deactivate it and then activate again.


Feature Activation is needed for feature receiver to Match and Deploy every workflow on this site. It checks if site was created mainly by checking difference between file settings (web site id) and current web site id. If they are different that means this site was created from template and need auto deployment process.

Note: If you have Datapolis Workflow shared as Applications you may need to set order of deployment so your Workflows shared as Applications will be deployed firstly before Workflows that use them. It can be done be editing AutoDeployOrder property in file. file

This files mainly contains internal Datapolis Process System data, but can be edited in several cases. Most important is setting order of deployment for auto deployment process, so your Applications which are user by Workflows will be deployed before Workflows when you activate feature on newly created site from site template. It is needed, because if there will be wrong order Workflows will not deploy.


Location: files is located in every site WorkBoxWorkflows/[workflow name]/

Auto deploy property: Workflow/AutoDeployOrder, lower number is firstly deployed.






    <Column WebId="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ListId="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" InternalName="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />

    <Column WebId="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ListId="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" InternalName="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />










If there will be some error while auto deployment process you can open any Datapolis Process System Settings page and on the bottom there will be link to log file.

Also you can manually Match and Deploy every workflow if it fails - just edit interesting Workflow.


More information

More information can be found here: