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Size and Performance


Crucial for any workflow is its performance. In Datapolis Process System, performance is shaped as follows:

  • Time to start workflow depends on the number of activities in the initiating action.
  • Action's execution time depends on the number of activities in the action.
  • Activity's execution time depends on its complexity and the number of lookups used.
  • Datapolis Workflow Designer's performance depends on workflow's size.

We encourage you to apply the following guidelines, which we present here as best practices concerning creating workflows in Datapolis Process System:

  • Minimize the number of activities used in actions, especially in the initializing action.
  • Minimize the number of lookups (both to SharePoint objects, functions or the flow elements) used in workflow. If a lookup is used more than once, consider storing its value in variable and use the variable instead.
  • Frequent changes to variables' values (either using "Set variable" activity or output parameters of other activities) may severely impair workflow's performance. We advise that you modify values of the variables only when necessary. Additionally, we advise you do not use too many variables. If their number exceeds twenty, think about using them for multiple purposes (i.e. storing values from various sources).
  • Maintain smallest possible size of workflows.
    • Size up to 1 MB is recommended.
    • Size between 1 MB and 3 MB is acceptable, though it might cause slower work of both Datapolis Workflow Designer and deployed workflows.
    • Size above 3 MB is decidedly not recommended.
    • In Datapolis Workflow Designer, when saving workflow definition, an alert will appear when the above thresholds are exceeded.
    • If maintaining small size of workflow is impossible, consider dividing it into a number of smaller workflows.
  • • Remember that Datapolis Process System is built on Windows Workflow Foundation, and therefore inherits all limitations of the platform.