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Substitutions in Datapolis Process System allow users to make actions in Datapolis workflows in the name of other users.


Consider the workflow below:

There is a group “Allowed users” which contains a user “WB2013-DEV-DS\Administrator”.
In the “Waiting” state there are two actions – “Finish” and “Special action”.
“Special action” can be ran only by users in the “Allowed users” group.


In a normal situation only “WB2013-DEV-DS\Administrator” user would be able to run “Special action”, which in case of his absence may cause problems and delays.
To avoid such situation we set a substitution of “WB2013-DEV-DS\Administrator” by another user (in this example “WB2013-DEV-DS\Administrator” is substituted by “DEV\Administrator”).


Note: Datapolis substitution are configured in SharePoint Central Administration (see Manage substitutions).


When an instance of the workflow reaches the “Waiting” state, “DEV\Administrator” will be able to run the “Special action” in the name of “WB2013-DEV-DS\Administrator”.


When the user chooses the substituted user’s action, he is redirected to the “make action” page where he can confirm his choice.


After the user clicks the “Confirm” button, the action will be ran like it was done by the substituted user.
In the workflow history there is an information about the user who launched the action and information about the substituted user if the action was launched in his name.