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Using application in workflow


To invoke applications from state – at first we must pick them from applications catalog. Applications catalog is defined under “Manage Workflow Applications” button in main toolbar.



After that, Applications will be available in top-right side of designer:



To add application to Workflow State – just drag & drop into state. The Application icon will appear near Workflow State.



All Applications which were added to state are also available in list form. To navigate here open State Properties -> Applications:



Here you can also:

  • Choose activities that will be run after any application instance is finished.
  • Choose conditions which will be run after any application instance is finished. First action for which conditions match will be run.
  • Add new Application Instance to State
  • Delete existing application Instance

To edit Application Instance click “Edit” button next to picked Application Instance. The edit application form shows:



On this form you can Change Application Instance Name, bind Application output parameters to workflow variables or specify Application Input Parameters. You can also specify if this application is ran in multiple instances or single instance.

Properly filled application parameters will look like this:



In this example “Invoice ID” is created from lookup and it’s matched to Workflow Instance ID, “Product ID” is defined as fixed number and Due Date is based on Current Date. When application finish itself – value in output Parameter “Notes” will be binded to workflow variable “Notes” and later used in workflow.


In some cases like sending invoice to all customers or creating applications for many employees – we can use Multiple Instances functionality. To use it just pick “Multiple Instances” radio button:



After selecting Multiple Instances – Instances Number Textbox will be activated. Instances Count will be passed by this Textbox.

Last but not least, there is special type of lookup specialized for passing current instance number called Current Application Index. It can be found as lookup in Workflow Data -> Workflow Info -> Current Application Index:


Note: Current Application Index is send only on application parameter and it starts from 1.