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Workflow Initiation Form


Workflow Initiation Forms (WIFs) are used to set workflow variables with data provided by users when initializing the workflow.


WIFs work similarly to Action Launch Forms. There are three types of WIFs: Quick Form, InfoPath Form and Custom Form.


To edit the WIF, perform either of the following activities:

  • Click the edit icon of the first (starting) state,
  • Click the “Workflow Properties” icon in the toolbox, then click the “Define workflow initiation form” button.



Aside from standard way of providing data on a WIF when starting the workflow from within SharePoint, the data can also be provided when:

  • The workflow is started by the “Start Workflow” activity,
  • The workflow is started using appropriate method of WBInterface (e.g. with the WBInterface sample application; more information can be found in Datapolis Process System SDK).

In a situation when not all fields of the form will be provided with data when the workflow is starting, they will be initialized with default values. For instance, this can occur during autostart when deploying workflow from a list template.


Like actions, workflows can be started with custom forms. The main parameters are provided in URL, like with custom ALFs.


The following parameters are submitted:

  • List – the list’s GUID,
  • TemplateID – the workflow definition’s GUID,
  • ItemID – the list item’s ID,
  • SourceURL – URL address of the source page,
  • RedirectURL – URL address of the page to which users should be redirected.