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Best practices


Below you will find few sample scenarios that will help you configure the „Datapolis Column Protector 2013” in the optimal way:

  1. You want all users to be able to display all columns except one or two columns, which should be read only. These columns can be edited only by few users or groups.

    1. Input authenticated users in the “Allow edit and display” textbox in the “Set permissions for all columns” header and click “Copy permissions to all columns” icon.

    2. In the columns that should be read only, cut the users and paste them in to the right column “Allow display”.

    3. Input in the “Allow edit and display” textboxes users and groups that should be able to edit the restricted columns.

  2. You want to restrict access to one or few columns to chosen users.

    1. In the columns that should be restricted remove entries and input chosen users to “Allow edit and display” or “Allow display” permissions

  3. You want to have strict control on who is viewing which column – refrain from using “Authenticated users” group.

  4. You want to restrict access to all columns for a group of users – remove permissions for these users from SharePoint list or site