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Migration of SharePoint 2013 Farm

Follow this steps to successfully migrate your SharePoint farm to new environment (servers) when using Datapolis Process System.

  1. On your source SharePoint farm
    1. Install Datapolis Process System or later if not installed yet. Only from this version you can migrate Datapolis Process System between farms.
    2. Create backup of your Datapolis database (this databases is named “DP_DB_YourFarmGuid”)
    3. Run Datapolis_PS_SP2013MigratorSource.exe (remember you have to run it as Administrator).
    4. This application will create text file named “Datapolis_PS_SP2013Migration.txt”. It will store information about IDs of your farm and Web Applications. Keep this file for further steps.
    5. Uninstall Datapolis Process System.
  2. Create new SharePoint 2013 farm and migrate your environment following Microsoft guidelines.
  3. On destination SharePoint farm
    1. Import your Datapolis database into SQL Server. Keep previous name.
    2. Copy file Datapolis_PS_SP2013Migration.txt, which you generated in Step 1, to your new farm.
    3. Edit Datapolis_PS_SP2013Migration.txt file if necessary.

      If you are not chaning URLs of Web Applications you can skip this step. If you want to change those URLs you need to do some extra steps described below.       

      You have to verify “Datapolis_PS_SP2013Migration.txt” file validity – all Web Applications mentioned in file should have corresponding URLs to Applications in your farm. Remember to keep URLs in the same form as they were saved – “http://URL:PORT/. In other words, you should modify URLs of applications that have been imported under different port.

      I.e. after doing step 1.3 you have file with following content:
      http://SomeCentralAdministration:3000/ 82608fb3-ffdd-412d-bb91-1fbe6e119ddf
      http://SomeSiteCollection/ a6914cc6-1611-48fa-b2d9-62775372445c

      These are, in order, your Datapolis Process System database name and running web applications URLs and IDs. Now, after migrating SharePoint your applications may be available under different URLs (you can check it in IIS), for example:
      http:// SomeSiteCollection:81/

      In this situation, you have to replace old URLs with new URLs, so your “Datapolis_PS_SP2013Migration.txt” will look as follows:
      http://SomeCentralAdministration:3200/ 82608fb3-ffdd-412d-bb91-1fbe6e119ddf
      http:// SomeSiteCollection:81/ a6914cc6-1611-48fa-b2d9-62775372445c

      Now you can save “Datapolis_PS_SP2013Migration.txt” file. Make sure that  Datapolis_PS_SP2013MigationTarget.exe is in the same folder as saved text file. If yes, go to next step.


    4. Run Datapolis_PS_SP2013MigratorTarget.exe.
    5. Install Datapolis Process System.
    6. Activate new license for Datapolis Process System.
    7. Install custom features.
      If you have custom functions or activities written using Datapolis Process System SDK, you should install them on your new SharePoint Farm.